Environment & Sustainability

  • Having worked with and on the land for over a hundred years we understand the importance of looking after our own and our clients land both for agricultural and environmental purposes.

  • We aim to get the most from our land but do it in a way that allows a focus on environmental improvements.

  • We pay particular attention to managing hedgerows and field margins across all the land that we look after.

  • Many of our clients have sporting needs on their farms and we are happy to help and advise on game cover, field margins etc using our experience gained from working with different clients.

  • We continue to work with Murray Mcgregor, Chairman of Bee Farmers Association. He and his team put up a number of bee hives around many of our fields.

  • We grow all our crops under the SQC and Assured Produce banners. We are also part of Marks and Spencer's "Field to Fork" and Tesco's "Nurture" initiatives.