L-R Finlay Hay, Dave McDonald, Alex Morrison, Willie Baillie, Alan Simpson, Graeme Leslie, David Hay

David Hay

Senior Partner, who has overall responsibility for the business since 1982 including the contract farming arrangements. Much of his time is now spent in the farm office dealing with paperwork but he is still prone to jumping on tractors, combines or the sprayer when required.

Finlay Hay

Partner since 2011 after completing a degree in Agriculture and Business from Aberdeen University. His time is split between the office where he looks after all crop records and the farm where he fills in where ever needed. He is responsible for keeping on top of new technology and the precision farming enterprise. Drives one of the combines during harvest.

Graeme Leslie

Graeme is one of our full time staff here at Easter Rhynd and has been for over 40 years. Graeme spends most of his time on the digger or running the grain dryer during harvest. His skills on the digger have seen him take on anything from repairing river banks, to building horse riding schools, to field drainage work. His attention to detail in running the grain dryer has meant we can operate the contract farming businesses the way we do.

Alan Simpson

Alan is our other full time member of staff. He joined us in 2010. Alan's tractor is the John Deere 7230R which he uses to do all of the fertiliser and lime spreading with. He also does the bulk of the ploughing and some cultivation work along with a bit of roadwork. His accuracy with the fert spreader means he is rarely more than a few kilos out with the total fertiliser spread over 5,000 acres each year.

Dave McDonald

Dave is self employed but has been coming to work at Easter Rhynd for over 15 years now. Dave is responsible for all of the crop spraying throughout the year. He racks up around 20,000 hectares a year on the Agrifac sprayer and also drives the 780 Claas Lexion Combine. Using his John Deere 6210R tractor he also does a bit of ploughing and cultivation work when hes not on the sprayer.

Willie Baillie

Willie is another self employed member of the team. He has been working with us for over 5 years now. A qualified mechanic, Willie splits his time between the farm workshop and driving his Fendt 936 tractor. His skill in the workshop means we do most of the servicing and maintenance of our machinery ourselves. He does about half of the sowing each year with the Lemken grain drill and also does a lot of ploughing over the winter.

Alex Morrison

Alex, the final member of the team, is self employed but has been sowing crops at Easter Rhynd for over 25 years. Alex uses the Vaderstad grain drill to sow the other half of the crops. He also does a lot of the cultivation work in front of the grain drills, splitting his time between the John Deere 8520 and the other Fendt 936. Alex also cuts all the hedges and verges around the farms which is what he does most of the time when not working at Easter Rhynd.