Our Produce


  • All produce, no matter where it is grown, is brought back to Easter Rhynd via lorries to be handled, cured and stored.

  • We have a publicly registered weighbridge on site which every vehicle carrying grain must cross in order to accurately record the yields from each field and farm.

  • All grain, except malting barley is then put through our Svegma 50t/hr continuous flow grain dryer.

  • Once the desired moisture has been achieved, the grain is conveyed overhead to one of four sheds available for grain storage totaling around 20,000 tonnes of storage space.

  • Each of the stores is designed with fans to draw air down through the crop to keep the moisture and temperature down.

  • This is all wirelessly monitored using probes placed within the grain stores.

  • This allows us to store the grain for long periods of time and it is often around July of the following year before all our stores are empty.

  • Small amounts of selected varieties are retained and treated as home-saved seed to be planted in the next season.

Marketing & End Users

  • Each individual crop is stored and marketed on a pool basis, which means that our clients receive the same price(s) as ourselves for their commodity.

  • We trade the vast majority of our products on the Chicago wheat futures market often buying and selling crop before it is sown.

  • This allows us more control over our marketing strategy and avoids being at the mercy of the spot price market at harvest which can be volatile.

  • Our Oilseed Rape is generally marketed through United Oilseeds, while our Wheat, Barley and Oats are sold through Grainco based in Turriff, Aberdeenshire.

  • The storage and handling facilities at Easter Rhynd, which have the capability of loading 30 tonnes of grain every 10 minutes, allow us flexible loading times, often late into the following season.

  • All of our Oats go to the Quaker factory at Cupar which is ideal as it is only a short distance away, reducing haulage costs.