What We Offer

We understand that no two businesses or clients are the same, so we aim to provide a bespoke system tailored to each farming partnership.

Our Aims On Your Farm

  • To reduce costs and increase profit margins using our experience and taking advantage of the benefits that come from having economies of scale.
  • To deliver a system to you that is both profitable and sustainable for the long term as well as improving productivity in the short term.
  • To improve the quality of your greatest asset, your land, through good farming practice, attention to detail and developing better soil health.
  • To provide advice and help on a large number of other aspects of land and estate management to help implement your entire vision for your farm or estate.
  • To help out with basic land or estate management if required e.g. hedge cutting, road repairs, etc.
  • To work closely with the landowner to achieve a mutually beneficial relationship with regular contact and meetings throughout the year with our management team.

The Benefits To Your Farm

  • Creating a farming partnership with Hay Farms allows you, as the landowner, to continue to be the farmer which brings with it a number of business, financial and leisure benefits.
  • It allows you these benefits while reducing your time and financial involvement with the day-to-day running of the land.
  • We don't have any need for buildings or storage on your farm, as we bring everything back to our base at Easter Rhynd.
  • This allows you to continue to use the facilities yourself or rent them out which can provide another useful source of income.
  • You will get the benefits of 100+ years of farming experience in Perthshire and also the benefit of a number of contacts built up over these years from all over the UK to ensure maximum productivity on your farm.
  • To be involved with a forward thinking, progressive, local, family business.
  • You will see improvements in both your land quality and appearance through our profitable, yet sustainable techniques.
  • You will have access to better purchasing and marketing power through the scale of our business ensuring you get the best prices for your inputs and also your produce.
  • We have built up strong, long term connections with many key industry buyers and sellers.
  • You have access to our highly-trained, vastly experienced machine operators and our management staff are readily available to help at all times.