Amazing The Difference A Year Makes!

The view on 12th April 2014!

Having finished the spring sowing towards the end of April, in fantastic conditions, it was immensely pleasing for all involved at Easter Rhynd to see the land that had been flooded sown into a crop once again. The good spell of weather in April meant that the Oats went into the ground in the best possible conditions.

The same view on 27th April 2015

We subsoiled the land first, as it had become very compacted having had such a volume of water sitting on it for so long. We then went in and ploughed and pressed the soil to turn it over and allow it to dry out a bit before we went in with the Vaderstad Rexius Twin to further break it down allowing us to come in with the Lemken combination drill to sow. Finally we gave it a roll to help crush and consolidate the seed bed.

There is still a bit more work to be done to the new bank during the summer when the tides are lower but we are all delighted to see some of our best land back in production. All we need now is some favorable weather until harvest!